Clutter Clear the Energy
in Your Home, Business or Office
Elemental Space Clearing®

The Process

An Introductory Interview

Mapping of Home or Business

Customized Planning

Opening Intention

Customized Clearing

Closing Blessing

Follow Up

Elemental Space Clearing® is a term and process created by Denise Linn and practiced by Denise Linn certified practitioners. It is a clearing of both individuals and their space to rid them of any negative energy and bringing in the light and loving energy.

The Practitioner will use a variety of methods including the elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth, using a variety of tools including drums, rattles, feathers, chimes, bells, harmony balls, fragrances, crystals, oils, flowers, incense, mudras, smudges, music. The possibilities are endless.

Today in our crazy busy electronic world it is as much if not more important to bring balance into our lives and clear the energies around us that affect our day to day life, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Each person will have their own experience and may describe it in many different ways. Some will feel the energy changes immediately while others may not feel much at all. This is not something to be concerned about as the energy will continue to work and balance in the days following the session.

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