Crystal Pouch


Chakras are described as wheels of coloured light spinning clockwise throughout our body. Chakras are like portals that allow the healing energy of Crystals into your body. Working with the Crystal colors associated to the Chakras  to entrain the energy of the Chakras is one of the easiest methods to assist with balancing the mind, emotions, body and spirit. The more often you do this the less time it will take. This pouch includes Red Jasper (Base), Carnelian (Sacral), Citrine (Solar Plexus), Rose Quartz (Heart Modern), Malachite (Traditional), Blue Lace Agate (Throat), Lapis Lazuli (Brow), Amethyst (Crown),  a tumbled Clear Quartz (Healing), a Clear Quartz point (amplifier) and a Black Tourmaline (Grounding).