Crystal Healing
& Chakra Balancing

The Session:

Lie fully clothed on your  back

Breath work to relax

Opening intention


Sense energy at Chakras

Place crystals

Balance Chakras

Closure of session

A 1 hour session will likely change your life or your view of life. It is pain free and has no side effects. Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing is relaxing, beneficialand safe. Crystal healing is performed while you are fully clothed and there is minimal body contact other than placing the crystals.

Crystals have their own unique energies which can work to balance your energy. Chakras are easily altered by other frequencies while crystals maintain their frequency. When you put a crystal on the Chakra the frequency moves up to meet the balanced frequency of the crystal.

Crystal structure repeats throughout the crystal with a near perfect geometric pattern thus it has a more stable frequency.

Our bodies are not as stable. Our energies can be altered by stress, negative situations, emotional upset, day-to-day life and more. By using crystals to entrain the chakras to meet the crystals energy this helps to bring the chakras closer to balance.


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